Imagine driving along the Maui Veteran’s Highway, enjoying the beautiful scenery and the warmth of the Hawaiian sun, when suddenly you encounter a brush fire. The authorities have closed the highway from North Kihei Road to Hansen Road, leaving you and other motorists stranded. This unexpected turn of events forces you to find an alternative route and navigate through unfamiliar roads. As you make your way to your destination, you can’t help but feel a sense of awe at the power and unpredictability of nature.


Date and time of closure

The Maui Veterans Highway was closed on November 13, 2023. The closure was implemented at around 2:40 p.m.

Reason for closure

The closure of the Maui Veterans Highway was due to a brush fire that posed a significant risk to the safety of motorists and nearby structures.

Current status

As of now, the Maui Veterans Highway remains closed to ensure the safety of the public until further notice.

Evacuation notices

At this time, there are no evacuation notices in effect for the areas affected by the brush fire.

Advice for motorists

Motorists are strongly advised to avoid the area where the Maui Veterans Highway is closed. It is important to prioritize safety and find alternative routes to reach their destinations.


Description of Maui Veterans Highway

Maui Veterans Highway, also known as Mokulele Highway, is a major roadway that connects various parts of the island of Maui. It stretches from North Kihei Road to Hansen Road, serving as a vital transportation route.

Importance and use of the highway

The Maui Veterans Highway plays a crucial role in facilitating travel and transportation on the island. It is heavily relied upon by both locals and tourists to access key destinations, such as residential areas, businesses, and popular attractions.

Previous incidents or closures

While the Maui Veterans Highway is generally a reliable and accessible route, it has experienced previous incidents or closures due to various reasons, including weather-related events and accidents. These incidents have caused inconvenience to motorists and disruption to traffic flow.

Impact of the Brush Fire

Extent of the brush fire

The brush fire that necessitated the closure of the Maui Veterans Highway has spread over a significant area, posing a potential threat to the safety of motorists and nearby communities.

Areas affected by the fire

The brush fire has affected the vicinity of the Maui Veterans Highway, especially along the stretch from North Kihei Road to Hansen Road. Additionally, nearby structures or communities may be at risk.

Damage to the highway

Due to the close proximity of the brush fire to the Maui Veterans Highway, the road has sustained damage. Safety assessments will need to be conducted to ensure it is safe for use once the fire is contained.

Risk to nearby structures or communities

The brush fire poses a significant risk to nearby structures and communities. Emergency response teams are working diligently to contain the fire and mitigate potential harm to these areas.

Closure Details

Duration of the closure

The duration of the closure of the Maui Veterans Highway is currently unknown. It will remain closed until it is deemed safe for public use.

Road sections closed

The sections of the Maui Veterans Highway that are closed include the stretch from North Kihei Road to Hansen Road. These sections have been blocked off to ensure public safety.

Alternative routes

Motorists are advised to find alternative routes to reach their destinations. Possible alternate routes may include local roads or highways that are not affected by the brush fire.

Expected date and time of reopening

Unfortunately, the exact date and time of reopening for the Maui Veterans Highway are uncertain at this time. It will depend on the progress made in containing the brush fire and ensuring the safety of the roadway.

Emergency Response

Fire department action

The fire department has taken swift action in response to the brush fire, deploying resources and personnel to contain and extinguish the flames.

Efforts to contain the fire

Firefighters are working tirelessly to contain the brush fire and prevent its further spread. They are employing a variety of firefighting techniques and strategies, including the use of firebreaks and water suppression.

Resources deployed

To combat the brush fire, significant resources have been deployed, including fire engines, helicopters, and trained personnel. These resources are crucial in suppressing and extinguishing the flames.

Collaboration with other agencies

The fire department is collaborating closely with other relevant agencies, such as law enforcement, emergency management, and local authorities. This collaborative effort ensures a comprehensive and coordinated response to the brush fire.

Public Safety Measures

Evacuation procedures

While there are currently no evacuation notices in effect, residents and individuals in the affected areas should remain vigilant and prepared for potential evacuation orders. Follow any instructions or guidance provided by local authorities.

Emergency shelters

In the event that evacuation becomes necessary, emergency shelters may be established to provide temporary accommodation and resources to affected residents. Stay informed about shelter locations and procedures through official announcements.

Information for affected residents

Residents in the areas affected by the brush fire should stay updated on the latest developments through official channels. Pay attention to news updates, official announcements, and alerts from local authorities.

Safety tips for motorists in the area

Motorists in the vicinity of the brush fire should prioritize safety and exercise caution. Follow any instructions or guidance provided by law enforcement officers, and avoid unnecessary travel in the affected areas. Keep windows closed to minimize exposure to smoke and maintain a safe distance from emergency vehicles.

Traffic Management

Traffic control measures

To manage traffic in the affected areas, traffic control measures such as road closures, diversions, and detours have been put in place. These measures aim to ensure the safety of motorists and facilitate the smooth flow of traffic.

Roadblocks and detours

Law enforcement officers and traffic management personnel will be stationed at strategic locations to implement roadblocks and direct traffic towards alternative routes. Follow their instructions and cooperate accordingly.

Signage and warnings

Clear signage and warnings will be prominently displayed to alert motorists about the closure and the presence of emergency vehicles in the area. Observe and adhere to all signs and warnings for the safety of all road users.

Police presence and enforcement

Law enforcement officers will be present in the affected areas to enforce traffic regulations and maintain order. Cooperate with their instructions and exercise patience and understanding to facilitate their work.

Community Support

Volunteer efforts

Communities are coming together to offer support and assistance during this challenging time. Volunteers are lending their time and resources to help those affected by the brush fire and the closure of the Maui Veterans Highway.

Donations and supplies

Various organizations and individuals are providing donations and essential supplies to affected residents. These contributions play a vital role in meeting the immediate needs of those impacted by the brush fire.

Assistance for affected residents

Local authorities, nonprofits, and community organizations are working to provide assistance and support to residents affected by the brush fire and the closure of the Maui Veterans Highway. This may include access to shelter, food, and other necessary resources.

Call for additional support

In light of the ongoing situation, there may be a need for additional support from the community. Stay updated through official announcements and local news outlets for any calls for support and how you can contribute to the recovery efforts.

Updates and Communication

Official announcements and updates

Official announcements and updates will be regularly provided by local authorities and relevant agencies. These announcements will contain crucial information about the progress of the response efforts, safety measures, and the reopening of the Maui Veterans Highway.

Communication channels for the public

The public can stay informed through various communication channels, including official websites, social media accounts, and local news outlets. Make use of these platforms to access accurate and timely information.

Social media updates

Follow local authorities, emergency services, and relevant organizations on social media platforms for real-time updates and information regarding the brush fire, road closure, and associated developments.

Information hotline

An information hotline may be established to provide a centralized source of information for the public. Use this hotline to seek clarification, ask questions, or receive updates on the situation.

Recovery and Rehabilitation

Restoration of the highway

Once the brush fire is fully contained and extinguished, efforts will be made to assess and restore the damaged sections of the Maui Veterans Highway. These restoration works may involve clearing debris, repairing any structural damage, and ensuring the road is safe for public use.

Rebuilding damaged infrastructure

In addition to restoring the highway, any infrastructure or structures affected by the brush fire will require rehabilitation or rebuilding. Local authorities and relevant agencies will coordinate efforts to ensure the affected areas are restored to their pre-fire condition.

Support for affected businesses

Local businesses that have been impacted by the closure of the Maui Veterans Highway will require support during the recovery phase. Initiatives such as business assistance programs and community support can help these businesses regain stability.

Community healing and resilience

As the affected communities rebuild and recover, community healing and resilience will be crucial. Foster a sense of unity and support by participating in community activities, events, and initiatives aimed at strengthening bonds and encouraging emotional healing.