Prepare to celebrate, as Advanced Neurosurgery of Hawai‘i (ANH) has just opened a brand new clinic in Kahului! This exciting development brings together a team of highly skilled surgeons committed to providing top-tier care to the local community and visitors alike. Led by neurosurgeon Thomas Noh, M.D., and joined by orthopedic surgeon and Doctor of Chiropractic Donald Corenman, M.D., D.C., as a new partner, along with minimally-invasive orthopedic spine surgeon Jeffrey Roh, M.D., ANH is set to make a meaningful impact in the field of healthcare. Not only that, but as part of Excel Health, they’ll be contributing to various charities and underserved communities. With a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to the people of Maui County, this new clinic is sure to be a fantastic addition to the local medical landscape.

Advanced Neurosurgery of Hawaiʻi opens Kahului clinic

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Advanced Neurosurgery of Hawaiʻi opens Kahului clinic

Advanced Neurosurgery of Hawaiʻi (ANH) is thrilled to announce the opening of its new clinic in Kahului. Located at 200 Kalepa Place, Suite 203, the clinic will provide state-of-the-art neurosurgery services to the people of Maui County and beyond.

Neurosurgery clinic opens in Kahului

ANH’s expansion to Kahului brings cutting-edge neurosurgery expertise closer to the residents of Maui. With a team of highly skilled and experienced surgeons, the clinic aims to provide world-class care for a variety of neurological conditions. From brain tumors to spinal disorders, ANH is equipped to handle a wide range of neurosurgical cases.

Location of the clinic

Situated at 200 Kalepa Place, Suite 203, the ANH clinic in Kahului offers a convenient and accessible location for patients in Maui County. The clinic’s prime location ensures that individuals seeking neurosurgical consultations and treatments can easily reach the facility without any hassle.

Partners at the clinic

ANH is proud to introduce Dr. Donald Corenman as the latest addition to its team of accomplished surgeons. Dr. Corenman, an Orthopedic Surgeon and Doctor of Chiropractic, brings with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise. His vast experience, including 25 years at The Steadman Clinic, a renowned sports medicine clinic, further strengthens ANH’s commitment to providing exceptional care.

Dr. Donald Corenman joins Advanced Neurosurgery of Hawaiʻi

ANH warmly welcomes Dr. Donald Corenman as a new partner at the Kahului clinic. His extensive experience and expertise in chiropractic and orthopedic surgery make him an invaluable addition to the team. Dr. Corenman’s unique skill set will enhance the clinic’s ability to offer comprehensive care and innovative treatments to its patients.

Experience and expertise

With 25 years of experience at The Steadman Clinic, Dr. Corenman has honed his skills in orthopedic surgery and chiropractic care. His expertise in treating sports and spinal injuries will greatly benefit patients seeking neurosurgical interventions at ANH. Dr. Corenman’s exceptional track record and dedication to patient-centered care make him an ideal partner for the clinic.

Contributions to the local community

Dr. Corenman’s passion for the local community is evident in his commitment to charitable efforts. By joining ANH and working in Maui, he aims to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals in need. Dr. Corenman’s philanthropic endeavors align perfectly with ANH’s mission to serve both the local community and visitors to Hawai’i.

Growth and expansion of Advanced Neurosurgery of Hawaiʻi

ANH has experienced significant growth since its establishment in January 2023. Driven by a strategic plan for expansion, the clinic continues to attract top specialized surgeons to Hawai’i. These surgeons bring their unique expertise and skills to provide exceptional care to patients with complex neurosurgical needs.

Strategic plan for growth

Under the leadership of Dr. Thomas Noh, founder of ANH, the clinic has implemented a strategic plan to ensure its growth and expansion. By focusing on attracting highly specialized surgeons, ANH aims to establish itself as a premier center for neurosurgery in Hawai’i. The strategic plan also includes initiatives to improve patient outcomes and enhance the overall patient experience.

Attraction of specialized surgeons

ANH’s reputation as a center of excellence in neurosurgery has attracted top specialized surgeons to join the clinic. The expertise and knowledge of these surgeons contribute to the clinic’s ability to offer advanced treatments and provide comprehensive care for a wide range of neurological conditions. ANH’s commitment to maintaining a talented and diverse team further solidifies its position as a leader in the field.

Partnership with Excel Health

ANH is proud to be a part of Excel Health, a network of medical and surgical practices dedicated to providing comprehensive care for total aging care. Excel Health offers an array of medical treatments in various specialties, including Spine & Orthopedics, Neuro & Brain Health, Regenerative Medicine & Pain Management, Plastic Surgery, and Medical Aesthetics. This partnership enhances the services ANH can provide to its patients.

Excel Health and its offerings

Excel Health’s broad spectrum of services aligns with ANH’s commitment to comprehensive care. From spine and orthopedic treatments to neurological conditions and aesthetic procedures, Excel Health’s offerings complement ANH’s expertise. This partnership allows patients to access a wide range of medical treatments all under one roof.

Medical treatments for total aging care

Excel Health’s focus on total aging care ensures that patients receive holistic and personalized treatments. As individuals age, their healthcare needs evolve, requiring a specialized approach. Excel Health’s medical treatments cater to these needs, providing comprehensive care throughout the aging process. At ANH, patients can access these specialized treatments to support their overall well-being.

Philanthropic efforts of ANH and Excel Health

ANH and Excel Health are dedicated to giving back to the community. Both organizations actively plan events to donate funds, services, and items to nonprofit organizations and underserved communities in Hawai’i. By engaging in philanthropic endeavors, ANH and Excel Health aim to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those in need.

Events planned for donations

ANH and Excel Health are in the process of organizing events to support nonprofit organizations and underserved communities in Hawai’i. These events will provide an opportunity for the community to come together and contribute to various causes. By actively engaging in philanthropy, ANH and Excel Health demonstrate their commitment to giving back.

Focus on nonprofit organizations and underserved communities

ANH and Excel Health have an unwavering focus on supporting nonprofit organizations and underserved communities. By leveraging their resources and expertise, both organizations aim to address the healthcare needs of those who may have limited access to quality medical care. This commitment reflects ANH and Excel Health’s dedication to creating a positive impact in the community.

Quotes from Dr. Thomas Noh and Dr. Donald Corenman

Dr. Thomas Noh and Dr. Donald Corenman share their thoughts on ANH’s expansion and the arrival of Dr. Corenman at the Kahului clinic.

Dr. Noh’s excitement about Dr. Corenman joining

Dr. Thomas Noh expresses his enthusiasm for Dr. Donald Corenman joining ANH. He highlights Dr. Corenman’s extensive experience and the valuable contributions he brings to the clinic. Dr. Noh emphasizes that having Dr. Corenman on board strengthens ANH’s ability to provide exceptional care and serves as a testament to the clinic’s commitment to excellence.

Dr. Corenman’s enthusiasm to work in Maui

Dr. Donald Corenman shares his excitement about joining ANH and the opportunity to work in Maui. He expresses his love for the island and the honor he feels to contribute to the local community through his work at the clinic. Dr. Corenman’s enthusiasm further underscores ANH’s dedication to providing exceptional care while making a positive impact on the lives of individuals in Maui County.

In conclusion, with the opening of its Kahului clinic, the addition of Dr. Donald Corenman as a partner, and the partnership with Excel Health, Advanced Neurosurgery of Hawai’i solidifies its position as a leader in neurosurgical care. Through their philanthropic efforts and commitment to serving the community, ANH and Excel Health demonstrate their dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of individuals in need. As ANH continues to grow and expand, its mission to provide exceptional neurosurgical care remains unwavering.