Get ready for the ultimate basketball showdown at the 2023 Maui Invitational! All Tournament tickets are now on sale, and you won’t want to miss out on the action. Taking place at the SimpliFi Arena at the Stan Sheriff Center on the University of HawaiÊ»i at Mānoa campus from November 20 to 22, this 40th edition of the Maui Invitational promises to be a thrilling event. With five top-ranked teams, including Kansas, Purdue, Marquette, Tennessee, and Gonzaga, competing for glory, basketball fans are in for a treat. Secure your tickets now at and get ready to witness some of the best college basketball on the island of Maui.

2023 Maui Invitational All Tournament tickets now on sale

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2023 Maui Invitational All Tournament tickets now on sale


The 2023 Maui Invitational All Tournament tickets are now officially on sale! This prestigious basketball tournament is set to take place at the SimpliFi Arena at the Stan Sheriff Center on the campus of the University of HawaiÊ»i at Mānoa from November 20th to 22nd. Featuring some of the top teams in college basketball, this is an event you won’t want to miss.

Venue and Dates

As mentioned earlier, the tournament will be held at the SimpliFi Arena at the Stan Sheriff Center. This state-of-the-art facility provides an incredible atmosphere for basketball fans and ensures an unforgettable experience. The tournament will kick off on November 20th and run through November 22nd, with each day featuring exciting matchups between top college basketball teams.

Top Teams

The 2023 Maui Invitational boasts an impressive lineup of teams. Five teams in the top 15 of the AP Top 25 preseason poll will be competing in this tournament. The teams include:

  • Kansas (#1)
  • Purdue (#3)
  • Marquette (#5)
  • Tennessee (#9)
  • Gonzaga (#11)

With such a strong field of teams, fans can expect intense competition and thrilling games throughout the tournament.

Ticket Packages

There are two types of ticket packages available for the 2023 Maui Invitational: All Tournament Ticket-Only Packages and Limited Booster Ticket-Only Packages.

The All Tournament Ticket-Only Packages provide access to all games throughout the entire tournament. This is the perfect option for basketball enthusiasts who want to experience every moment of the action-packed event.

For fans looking for a more tailored experience, the Limited Booster Ticket-Only Packages are the way to go. These packages offer premium seating options and other exclusive benefits, giving fans a VIP experience.

Tickets can be purchased online at the official tournament website, Make sure to secure your tickets early, as they are expected to sell out quickly.

Additional Ticket On-Sale Dates

In addition to the All Tournament and Limited Booster Ticket-Only Packages, there will be additional ticket on-sale dates for individual sessions. On October 25th, fans will have the opportunity to purchase all-day tickets, providing access to all games on a specific day. Then, on November 1st, individual session tickets will be available for purchase, allowing fans to choose the specific games they want to attend.

Be sure to mark these dates on your calendar and take advantage of these additional ticket options to create your perfect tournament experience.


The Maui Jim Maui Invitational is one of the most prestigious college basketball tournaments in the country. It has a rich history of bringing together top teams from around the nation to compete in a tropical paradise. The tournament has become a favorite among fans and players alike, offering an unparalleled basketball experience in the stunning setting of Maui.

Ticket Availability

To purchase tickets for the 2023 Maui Invitational, visit the official tournament website, Here, you’ll find all the information you need about ticket options, pricing, and availability. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to witness top-tier college basketball in paradise.


The Kansas Jayhawks are the top-ranked team in the preseason AP Top 25 poll and will be a team to watch in the 2023 Maui Invitational. Known for their storied basketball program and talented players, the Jayhawks are a perennial powerhouse in college basketball. Fans can expect high-level performances and exciting games from this team throughout the tournament.

Individual Session Tickets

For fans who are unable to attend all of the games in the tournament, individual session tickets provide the perfect solution. These tickets allow you to choose the specific games you want to attend, ensuring that you don’t miss out on any of the action. Individual session tickets will be available for purchase starting on November 1st, so be sure to secure your seats for the games you’re most excited about.

In conclusion, the 2023 Maui Invitational promises to be an incredible event for college basketball fans. With a lineup of top teams, a picturesque venue, and various ticket options, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to witness high-level basketball and create unforgettable memories in paradise. Get your tickets today and get ready for an amazing tournament experience.