Get ready to hear some exciting news! The 29th annual Made in Hawaiʻi Festival, which took place in August 2023, was an incredible success, with participating local businesses generating over $2 million in revenue. This year’s festival drew in more than 49,000 attendees, making it the largest one yet. Held at the prestigious Hawaiʻi Convention Center, the event featured over 450 vendor booths, showcasing the extraordinary talents of local artisans, makers, and entrepreneurs. From Hawaiiana to food items, exquisite jewelry to intricate arts and crafts, this festival had it all. Not only did it celebrate the vibrant connection between small businesses and the local community, but it also made a significant impact on Maui wildfire relief efforts, donating thousands of dollars to those in need. With the overwhelming success of the event, plans are already underway for the 2024 Made in Hawaiʻi Festival. So mark your calendars and get ready for another unforgettable celebration of all things made in Hawaiʻi!

Highlights of the Made in Hawaiʻi Festival

2023 marks banner year for Made in Hawaiʻi Festival with more than $2M in revenue

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Revenue exceeds $2 million

Participating local businesses in the 29th annual Made in Hawaiʻi Festival earned more than $2 million in revenue at the three-day event held in August 2023. This remarkable achievement showcases the tremendous support for local artisans, makers, and entrepreneurs in Hawaiʻi. The festival not only provides a platform for these businesses to showcase their products but also serves as a boost to the local economy. Visitors are able to discover and purchase unique, locally made goods, while the vendors benefit from the exposure and sales generated during the festival. The record-breaking revenue reflects the growing appreciation for authentic Hawaiʻian products and the community’s commitment to supporting local businesses.

Donations to Maui wildfire relief efforts

In addition to the impressive revenue, the Made in Hawaiʻi Festival also made a significant contribution to Maui wildfire relief efforts. The devastating wildfires that swept through South Maui left many families and communities in need of assistance. The festival organizers, along with the generosity of vendors and attendees, raised approximately $58.2K from ticket and t-shirt sales, as well as direct donations, for the Hawaiʻi Community Foundation’s Maui Strong Fund. The collective support and compassion demonstrated during the festival highlight the deep sense of community in Hawaiʻi and the willingness to lend a helping hand in times of crisis.

Record attendance of over 49,000 people

This year’s Made in Hawaiʻi Festival broke previous attendance records with over 49,000 people in attendance. The three-day event attracted visitors from all over the world, eager to experience the vibrant and diverse offerings of the festival. The increase in attendance is a testament to the festival’s growing reputation and popularity. Visitors are drawn to the chance to explore and purchase locally made products directly from the artisans and creators themselves. The festival provides a unique opportunity to connect with the rich cultural heritage of Hawaiʻi and support the local economy at the same time.

New venue at the Hawaiʻi Convention Center

One of the major highlights of this year’s festival was the new venue at the Hawaiʻi Convention Center. The spacious and modern facilities provided an ideal setting for the event, accommodating the large number of vendors and attendees. The central location of the convention center also made it easily accessible for both locals and tourists, further contributing to the record-breaking attendance. The new venue added a fresh energy to the festival, creating a dynamic environment for showcasing the diverse range of locally made products and fostering connections between vendors and visitors.

Showcasing over 450 vendor booths

The Made in Hawaiʻi Festival featured a staggering display of over 450 vendor booths, each showcasing unique and locally made products. The extensive variety of goods allowed visitors to explore a wide range of Hawaiʻian craftsmanship and creativity. From traditional Hawaiʻian clothing to delicious food items, exquisite jewelry, and intricate arts and crafts, there was something for everyone at the festival. The vendor booths were carefully curated to highlight the talents and ingenuity of local artisans, giving them a platform to share their work with a larger audience.

Wide range of locally made products

The festival showcased an impressive array of locally made products, truly capturing the essence of the Made in Hawaiʻi spirit. Visitors had the opportunity to explore and discover Hawaiʻian-made goods across various industries. From beauty and skincare products made with natural ingredients, to handcrafted home décor items and unique souvenirs, the festival offered a diverse selection of high-quality merchandise. The focus on locally made products not only supports the local economy but also promotes sustainability and a deeper appreciation for the cultural heritage of the islands.

Entertainment, demos, and fashion shows

Beyond the extensive vendor booths, the Made in Hawaiʻi Festival was a celebration of Hawaiʻian culture and entertainment. The festival featured award-winning entertainment, including live performances by local musicians and traditional hula dances. Visitors could also enjoy chef demos and samples, showcasing the culinary talent and flavors of the islands. Additionally, fashion shows highlighted the creativity and craftsmanship of local fashion designers. These various forms of entertainment added a dynamic element to the festival, immersing visitors in the rich cultural tapestry of Hawaiʻi.

Made in Hawaiʻi Festival Beer Garden

The festival also featured a dedicated Beer Garden, adding to the vibrant atmosphere and allowing visitors to enjoy locally crafted brews. The Beer Garden provided a relaxing and social space for attendees to unwind and appreciate the flavors of Hawaiʻi’s craft beer scene. It was a unique opportunity for beer enthusiasts to sample a wide range of local brews, supporting the growth of the local brewing industry and fostering connections between brewers and consumers.

Dates reserved for the 2024 festival

Due to the resounding success of the 2023 festival, the Hawaiʻi Convention Center has reserved August 23-25, 2024, for the 2024 Made in Hawaiʻi Festival. This demonstrates the confidence and commitment of both the organizers and the convention center in continuing to showcase the best of local Hawaiʻian products and culture. Visitors can mark their calendars and anticipate another incredible event filled with creativity, craftsmanship, and community spirit.

Sponsors for the 2023 festival

The success of the Made in Hawaiʻi Festival would not have been possible without the support of its sponsors. The 2023 festival was sponsored by Mahi Pono, Central Pacific Bank, Hawaiian Airlines, and HTDC. These sponsors played a crucial role in providing financial support and resources to ensure the smooth execution of the event. Their contribution highlights their commitment to promoting local businesses and supporting the cultural vibrancy of Hawaiʻi. The collaboration between the festival and its sponsors allows for a more impactful and enjoyable experience for both vendors and attendees alike.

In conclusion, the Made in Hawaiʻi Festival celebrated another exceptional year, with impressive revenue, generous donations, record-breaking attendance, and a wide range of locally made products. The festival provided a platform for local artisans, makers, and entrepreneurs to shine, while also showcasing the vibrant cultural heritage of Hawaiʻi. From the new venue at the Hawaiʻi Convention Center to the entertaining performances and diverse vendor booths, the festival offered a rich and immersive experience for visitors from near and far. The continued success of the festival and the support it receives from sponsors and the community demonstrate the enduring appeal of locally made products and the collective spirit of Hawaiʻi.