Experience a traditional Hawaiian welcome with a flower lei greeting at the airport! Reserve your Hawaiian lei greetings for yourself or make a special gift for someone else. Wearing flower garlands is a Hawaiian custom that was introduced to Hawaii by early Polynesian voyagers who arrived from Tahiti navigating by the stars in sailing canoes. The tradition grew and these garlands were worn by early Hawaiians to beautify themselves and distinguish themselves from others.

In the early 1900s when boats were the only way to reach Hawaii, lei vendors lined the pier at Aloha Tower to welcome malihini (visitors) to the Islands and kama’aina (locals) as they returned home. It is said that departing visitors threw their lei into the sea as their ships passed Diamond Head in the hopes that like the lei, they would return to the Islands some day. With the advent of tourism in the Islands, the lei quickly became the symbol of Hawaii to millions of visitors worldwide.