Here’s a little Hawaiian trivia: In ancient Hawaii, choosing names is a process given very careful unhurried thought.

 A person, place, or thing is given a particular Hawaiian name because it is strikingly meaningful, believed to truly reflect important values and qualities that such person, place, or thing possesses. 

This traditional Hawaiian practice is precisely why Ocean Joy Cruises calls its exceptional tour boat the “Kai ‘Oli ‘Oli”. “Kai ‘Oli ‘Oli”, which translates to “joy on the ocean”, is truly a fitting name for all that the Ocean Joy Cruises tour has to offer. From its state-of-the-art power catamaran that will take you to a beautiful cruise along the entire West Coast of Oahu, the stunning Hawaiian views, the thrilling dolphin and other marine life encounter, the company of friendly and well-trained staff and crew members, and the mouth-watering Hawaiian meal to finish off the tour, the Ocean Joy Cruises is for certain a great experience that will bring you “joy on the ocean”.

Ocean Joy Cruises utilizes an exceptional power catamaran, a high-speed, long range boat that takes its passengers to a delightful cruise along the entire Waianae coast, from Ko ‘Olina Marina to different points along Oahu Island’s western coastline. This strong tour boat is enclosed with stainless steel railings, to ensure your utmost safety while you are enjoying the cruise and all the amazing sights. Prepare to marvel not only at these views and the crystal clear Oahu ocean, but also at the dolphins and other sea creatures in it! Once they’re spotted, the boat will pull up temporarily so that you can have more time with these precious animals, and even have the chance to snorkel and swim with them. For this activity, fret not as Ocean Joy Cruises will provide you with high-grade snorkeling equipment, and as well as instructional guides and assistance from Ocean Joy Cruises’ well-experienced crew.


Besides the playful spinner dolphins, a popular species in the waters of Oahu, you will also have the chance to encounter and get close with sea turtles, colorful tropical fish, and even whales, too, during the whale season, when you book this tour and go snorkeling in the pristine waters of Makua. Notably, Ocean Joy Cruises is the only package tour that takes you to this side of Oahu Island, which makes the experience all the more remarkable and truly special. To add to this is Ocean Joy Cruises’ warm and well-trained crew, who will gladly share fun bits of trivia about Hawaii’s marine life and also the Hawaiian ways of life, while ensuring your safety throughout the duration of the tour as Ocean Joy Cruises guarantees a one crew member to a maximum of 12 passenger ratio. You will then feel especially secure, welcome, and also well-immersed in the island life and culture.


Ocean Joy Cruises also makes the cruise back to the coast of Ko ‘Olina Marina equally splendid, as guests are to enjoy a sumptuous meal and refreshing drinks on the ride back. Feast on mouth-watering Hawaiian grub and sip on a tropical Mai Tai and other alcoholic beverages on the house (non-alcoholic drinks are available, too), while relishing the views, the breeze, and all that wonderful experience you wish would not yet come to an end. 


Ocean Joy Cruises is available daily, which you can choose to enjoy either in the morning (Morning Calm Cruise) or in the afternoon (Afternoon Adventure Cruise). Choose whatever is more comfortable for you, as either assures you a splendid time and “kai ‘oli ‘oli”–joy on the ocean. Go and book your slot now!


Ocean Joy Cruises Tour Highlights

  1. Ride on-board an exceptional power catamaran, complete with clean and spacious restrooms, fresh-water showers, and cabins with padded seatings
  2. Cruise along Oahu Island’s scenic west shore
  3. Snorkel in the pristine waters of Makua
  4. Encounter and swim with dolphins, sea turtles, and other marine animals
  5. Be with well-experienced staff and crew members, with never more than 12 guests to every crew member


Ocean Joy Cruises Tour Inclusions

  1. High-grade snorkeling equipment with soft silicone seals, optical lenses, and padded split fins
  2. Instructional snorkeling guide, especially for beginners
  3. Tour narration in both English and Japanese
  4. Sumptuous Hawaiian meal with several options, even for vegetarians
  5. Refreshing non-alcoholic and alcoholic (beer, margarita, wine, or Mai Tai) beverages
  6. Transportation to and from your hotel in Waikiki, upon advance notice


Ocean Joy Cruises Lunch Menu

  1. Hawaiian-style teriyaki chicken
  2. Kalua pig (pulled pork)
  3. Hawaiian-style potato and macaroni salad
  4. Rice
  5. Buns, tomatoes, and lettuce (for build-your-own sandwiches)
  6. Fresh tropical fruits (honeydew melon, watermelon, cantaloupe)

* Vegetarian meals are also available, with advance notice.