Long weekend getaway? Check. Ready to get away from it all? Double-check, but not before you’ve checked out our latest XXL Scott Addict Carbon Road Bike – giving life the summer break you want (but haven’t had). Handcrafted for a little extra attention, this bike invites you on a dreamy ride as soon as you saddle up! Designed with lightness and speed in mind, let the wind carry your worries right off your back while taking in the scenery at top speeds. Get in the zone with XXL’s carbon fiber road bike, designed to inspire and empower you. With integrated cables for a clean finish, this unique machine can laser focus your energy for that competitive push without any distractions.

Don’t be outdone by competitors’ skills, and enjoy an emotional ride as you conquer the road. Twenty-six inches offers a sleek design matched by lightweight engineering for long-distance runners or power cycling enthusiasts who want efficiency at every turn. The vacation of a lifetime is now the adventure you deserve. Just because you can’t jet off to a new destination doesn’t mean there isn’t ever hope for an unforgettable experience. Put on your traveler’s hat and head out for an escapade that will have you feeling like you never left home (or work.)

Unprecedented performance has arrived with our all-new XXL – Scott Addict Carbon Road Bike! Negotiate the mountain with ease or take a scenic joyride made for leisure. This all-terrain bike is lightweight, fast, and ready to turn heads without compromising comfortability or speed. The specification found in this bad boy keeps it competitive no matter where the road goes. The XXL Scott Addict Carbon Road Bike is the envy of everyone at your local bike shop, or we can help you get to one with our free delivery service! The 24/30 stiffness ratio coupled with Shimano 105 calipers and compact crankset is just a few ways it will stand out from its competitors in races. We at XXL want you to experience freedom on two wheels so take this bike for a test ride.

Step up your cycling game with XXL’s new Addict RC 20. So light, you’ll feel like a goddess climbing KOMs, so fast you’ll be able to keep up with your buddies on the weekend ride, and so sharp that it will transform even your most dreaded climb into an adrenaline-boosting thrill.

Imagine hopping on a bike to pedal along the banks of a great river, drinking in incredible sights and sounds. When you get tired, you stop at a beautiful inn for a refreshing dip before continuing on your journey. Coincidently, this is just what an incredible ride will do for the stress of everyday life. Put some good juju into practice with this new bike! It’s designed specifically for minimal effort and maximum enjoyment! Be warned – It might turn heads, but that doesn’t mean it won’t get some love back when you’re out riding in style. The carbon frame of our XXXXL bike is as sexy as steel can be while still maintaining the durability for climbing power climbs. Get big or go home!