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Rotational weight reduction meets budget-friendly pricing as we welcome the 10 Disc Speedster Aluminum road bike. Perfect for those looking for more control when riding, disc brakes offer high-velocity speeds while maintaining safety! Explore new roads and tracks because it’s time to live life fast without breaking the bank. Bring that adrenaline rush from the bike ride home with you! With this undeniably sleek aluminum body, your journey will be an adventure. And don’t forget the custom blue paint job to show off what successful speedsters look like. The Speedster 10 Disc is perfect for any occasion where speed is desired. Whether biking to work or taking a springtime trek through town, a SCOTT machine helps get you there quickly and agile. So hop on one today and feel alive.

You’ll be riding the Scott Speedster like a pro in no time – all you have to do is reserve one for your next trip! The bike captures that perfect balance of lightweight and agility at a price that won’t break your bank. Whether you want to buy for yourself or someone else, we recommend making some space on your packing list now. It’s time to pack the suitcase and head south. Rush off on vacation down streets lined with palm trees, warm sand at your feet, and wind in your hair—just like you’re traveling 20 miles per hour! A spring evening awaits as you cruise back home after an invigorating bike ride on the Speedster 10 Disc. There’s no need for reservations or just maybe waiting until tomorrow. You’re ready now, and so is this road bike. This lightweight and agile aluminum road bike is perfect for those who love the ride. A Shimano 105 groupset paired with Syncros components and disc brakes provides ample amounts of control, allowing you to cruise on local roads or take your adventure to greater heights. If you feel like a long vacation is in order, this bike will do wonders in getting you there faster.

Expect a crisp ride on this lightweight bike that’s designed for endless adventure. It may have plenty of safeties, but it’ll never slow you down: the Scott Speedster is here to help you reach top speeds. The SCOTT Speedster wants one thing: to take riders back to their childhood roots in joyous cycling adventures from every corner of the planet. This agile and inexpensive bike gives you a high-performance machine with all the right specs! And don’t worry about speeding tickets if your wheels start spinning too much – because your great new steed is equipped with disc brakes! Plus, SCOTT gives you 15 months of warranty protection (double most competitive warranties!), so it’s built and will be celebrating many miles as time goes by. Say bye to your countryside with the SCOTT Speedster 10 Disc. The sleek and efficient design helps you go faster while keeping you in control of your speed. And if by chance, seven days just weren’t enough for you – we’ve gotcha covered.