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You’ve always wanted to try diving but never found the time? With PADI’s Open Water Referral Dives in Maui course, you can fulfill the academic portion of getting your certification from anywhere. You’ll become a certified diver and experience some of the best dive sites on Maui, all within two days. You have been on vacation for the last three weeks, and you can’t wait to start working so that you can go back to your daily routine. You are passionate about saving up money and doing some of your best work when the pressure’s on. Luckily, we’ve found this excellent program north of Puerto Rico called “PADI Open Water Referral Dives Maui” just for people like you.

Just two days filled with excellent aquatic exploration, there’s not a better way to accomplish all the professional drinking-related tasks America demands of us! If Ocean World isn’t enough, then don’t worry as we’ll also include these offer specialties like shore dives in Lahaina, private certification available, and rental equipment included. If you’ve already finished your academic and confined water training sessions with another PADI dive center, but want to experience the warm tropical waters of Maui on vacation, then put this down for your next adventure. We’ll take you out searching for buried treasure or some other sunken relic, and it will be available back home. Maui is a vacation destination. If you want to dive with the pros while on your island getaway, then we can help.

Diving is one of those activities you’ll enjoy time and again. You could find yourself, unexpectedly, walking out from a dive on Hawaiian reefs or admiring the coral formations that form so magically under water—or just drifting along a reef in awe at the colors and life that surround you. We highly recommend this for anyone looking to experience new surroundings and uncover anything off our beaten tourist path. The certificate has always been enough to convince buddies back home not to be jealous when they finally see your pic with an octopus. 

It’s time to say “aloha” and start diving with the pros in Maui, Hawaii. With just a weekend to spare, you can finish your PADI Open Water referral dives and make lifelong memories untouched by other divers.

We’ll get you up close and personal at some of Maui’s most popular dive destinations, including Molokini Crater, Lanai Lookout Reef, Blowhole Point Molokai, or Turtle Cove in Kahului Harbor – home of the Green Sea turtle nursery that greets breeding season visitors arriving on certain days aboard an organized sea turtle tour. Our goal isn’t to spoil your experience, but our instructors will help answer any questions about life underwater and explore the mysteries below. 

We chose this vacation spot to escape the doldrums of professional life. To that end, we say goodbye to most of our worries and leave all obligations behind with this PADI Open Water Referral Dives course in Maui. What are you waiting for? You’ll be diving into clear water at 8 AM and end a half-hour past noon on both days. Find out what it feels like to live your passion! Book now!