It doesn’t matter where your bike takes you. We’re going everywhere. Whether off-road or on the beaten path, from speeding hills to coasting flats, you’ll be having the time of your life with a Speedster 10 Disc. Say “goodbye” to snacks and bring sunscreen when you bike with us! Your seat is plush, so take care of yourself too and wear shoes like mine made for pedaling and protection against whatever dirt gets in that way. We are light at 18 pounds because it’s better for cycling anyway if there are fewer gears to choose from or remember which one lowers my effort line. Thus I have just 24 different ones guiding me towards fortune. After a long climb, when your legs are burning and the sweat is stinging your eyes, there’s nothing we know that tastes as sweet as coasting down on our SCOTT Speedster 10 Disc bike. It’s light, agile, and not to mention cost-efficient. Bring it along for any adventure.

What more can we say than that you’ll leave your everyday life behind and enter the world of cycling euphoria with the Scott Speedster 10 Disc. Gather up those vacation days, toss them in a pile for old time’s sake, and get ready to enjoy the ride of a lifetime! With lots of race qualities like Shimano 105 drive train takeoffs, including drops switched out for Syncros components giving you control even on technical courses. It also features disc brakes bennies – so cross any river or burn any log without fearing putting your forehead into it. You’ll be done with work before you know it and traveling at speeds most folks would never dream about.

Adventure is around every corner! Get on this bike and never stop pedaling. Trust us. You’ll be happy about your decision. Climb hills with ease on this versatile and light aluminum bike. You’re in for a speedy ride around the neighborhood or wherever the open road takes you with the Shimano 105 groupset, Syncros components, and disc brakes delivering precise control. Whether it’s time to change pace or get out more often- take one home today. This small size is ideal if you need space in your trunk for camping gear and want stable handling when commuting through heavy traffic. You’ll be getting back into shape before you know it with speeds that go up to 24 mph.

Get yours while supplies last. Feel like taking a break from the fast-paced world? Go for something more leisurely with this bike. The SCOTT Speedster is light, agile, and cost-efficient. With Shimano 105 components and disc brakes, you can feel confident chasing the “slow lane” all day long. Get up and get going! We know that you live life at such a clip, which is why we’ve created the most affordable way for you to enjoy your ride. Get into some music with the Bluetooth speaker built-in or pop it onto the rack and snag one of our coolers to share those icy beverages while you pedal past them longingly as they watch from their cars. The Speedster Ten Disc is ready whenever you are, always great for short rides or epic distances. Anything goes!