Picture yourself on the beach, tanning and playing with friends. The air smells of saltwater, and tropical drinks in coconut shells are sprinkled everywhere. You hear a little laugh ring out from far off – this must be that new friend you just met? Join them! Join a group lesson at Lahaina Surf Shack to learn to surf with your newfound friend. Big waves and hollow tubes are waiting for ~. Ride the ocean with Lahaina Surf Shack! Certified professionals will teach you how to find your balance in the water and take care of you from start to finish. Fulfill those bucket list dreams without fighting a crowd or standing out from the pack – this is group surfing at its best.

Surf’n away with Maui’s best surf instructors! Get out on the waves during a 2-hour group lesson and feel alive. With classes for all levels, from novice to pro, you’re guaranteed to catch some quality waves here at Lahaina Surf Shack. You’ll have our trained eyes teaching you all the ins and outs of surfing in beautiful South Maui – we’ve got your introduction laid down. 

Afterward, stop by our Surf Shack so we can help with board rentals if needed and also indulge in free shave ice treats that’ll make it even sweeter before you start your thankless job back home. (Seriously though: please bring us shares!) Get hooked on surfing in no time at Maui’s best surf lesson, with our group lessons for groups of 2 or more people. Our Certified Instructors will be sure to show you the ropes so you can enjoy that perfect wave. Come next vacation and do it all by yourself. How about grabbing a burger after your lesson? We’ve got free shave ice waiting for you too. 

Give your family some time to chill out and learn a new skill! What better place than Maui, Hawaii, for a Group Surf Lesson? Lahaina Surf Shack knows that this is an experience worth sharing. All levels are welcome, from beginners to advanced surfers. Depending on which instructor you get paired with, the lessons can happen on the beach or in waist-deep water. They have all of the gear for you when you arrive, including a wetsuit (jersey), rash guard (top), booties if needed, board shorts, and sunblock, among other things. Whether it’s two hours or five hours, your group will be guaranteed the best lesson ever, making memories together, they will never forget – whether they stay swimming with fish or catching waves. Are you tired of the same old vacation? 

Explore a refreshing new way to have fun! Experience surfing on Maui, one of Hawaii’s most beautiful islands. Learn from locals with experience teaching lessons and tours for over twenty years. With Lahaina Surf Shack, you can be sure that your group will have a fantastic time and brush up their skills in something special. Don’t miss out on surfing this great opportunity of a lifetime with all sorts of available seasonal packages and deals.

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