Explore the uncharted landscape of Kōkeʻe State Park at your own pace and hike as long or as short a trail as you want.

Discover the beauty that has captivated savvy hikers for years, including those in search of bird-watching, green turtles, untouched beaches, and panoramic views from high mountain peaks to valleys below. As much as 85% of Kauai’s hiking trails are no more than one mile (0.6 km) long, taking place off the beaten path along isolated shorelines to expansive waterfalls and hidden valleys within this 320- square kilometer reserve on our island’s most easterly side. 

Off The Beaten Track Off-Road Mountain Adventure was designed to get you up close and personal with some of the most beautiful areas in all of Kaua'i.

 We’ll take family, friends, or just your partner on a private 6 – 7 hour adventure exploring scenic mountain terrain that is only accessible by four-wheel-drive vehicles. You might want to explore as much or as little as you can, depending on whether you’re an avid hiker or not.

Off The Beaten Track Off-Road – “Mountain Adventure” Kauai, HI. Welcome to real life! Our time on the Mountain Adventure is packed with action and adventure. Watch as you whiz past trees, cliffs, fields of lava rock farms, valleys painted with vibrant colors by Mother Nature’s finest artist brushstroke, and more importantly, see all that YOU CAN DESIGN FOR YOURSELF. God has given each person unique gifts so He can use us better in His design for everybody else’s lives. Use your mountain adventure to find what He has designed just for you.

It’s the best of both worlds! A drive through flat farmlands and rolling hills that offers a spectacular view of the ocean. This tour is for those who want to see much more than just the famous “Waimea Canyon.” Get away from it all with breathtaking views of some of the most fantastic scenery in Hawaii, explore deep valleys cut by giant axels; jagged cliffs inspire us to inch our way closer or step back; wide-open fields tempt you to test your skill level on rugged terrain.

Taking the potholes and washboard roads off the beaten track, Off The Beaten Track Off-Road takes you to Waimea Canyon State Park for an exclusive exploration. A local guide will take you on a drive that showcases historic Waimea and Hanapēpē Town while exploring scenic overlooks of not just one but two valleys with panoramic views spanning from the Makua coastline in the East to Kealia Valley in the West. Harnessing state-of-the-art four-wheel-drive excursions, rugged terrain just outside of Brooker Ranch gives way to scenic backcountry adventures where some might say, “yet another paradise lost was found.”

Picture yourself on a remote mountain road, driving deep into Waimea Canyon. The sunsets behind the soaring Waimea Wall, and your guide shares stories of early Native Hawaiians. From there, you head west to Hanapēpē to stroll through its old town and learn about sugar plantation life on Hawaii’s first commercial sugar cane farm. Get ready for this Off-Road Adventure as we explore rural Kauai with our 4X4 Suzuki side by side. Come take in an inspiring view of Waimea Canyon or snap some memories at a nearby waterfall! Let us know if you are looking for more thrills so that we can top off your day with a bucket list activity – like waterfalls ziplining, skydiving, etc.