Iao Valley lies at the confluence of two rivers: the Wailua and the Kapahulu. It is one of the most popular places for hiking, camping, mountain biking and beautiful scenery. Iao Valley is also known as the valley of the Gods because of its abundant number of special natural features. One of the major attractions of this natural paradise is the setting of the world famous Iao Valley Waterfalls.

Iao Valley is a gently flowing stream-cut valley in West Maui, Hawaii, situated 3.1 miles from Wailuku. Because of its amazing natural setting and rich history, it is now a popular tourist place. It was designated as a National Natural Landmark in 1970. Two Wailua River dams, one at Wailua Creek and another at Kapahulu were built to control flooding that often occurred in the area. The result is an area with a very beautiful landscape.

In ancient times the Iao Valley was a thriving village. The residents relied upon fishing and farming as their main source of income. Many modern Iao Valley hotels are a great place to stay and explore the wonders of nature and the valley itself. Some of the more popular Iao Valley hotels include Luxury Suites Maui & Wailua, Luxury Beach Resort, Comfort Suites Maui & Wailua, and Mountain View Hotel.

If you are planning a hiking adventure and cannot go directly to Wailu, you may want to consider one of the many trails that the state park has to offer. This way you can be closer to the waterfalls and experience a different side of the park. If you prefer to stay at one of the Iao Valley hotels, you will find many hiking and camping options. There are tent camps, RV camps, and even some “drive-in” camping sites.

One of the most popular things to do in the area is rafting. The rivers here are not big at all and offer a good chance for some awesome waterfalls. Two of the rivers have over two hundred waterfalls to choose from. There are even quite a few rapids for those who are interested in a faster trip. If you prefer to do your rafting on your own, this is a good option, too, since most of the waterfalls are within a reasonable walking distance.

If you like to do a little shopping, you will also have plenty of options in the Iao Valley. There are a wide variety of antique shops, art galleries, and gift shops in the area. You can buy quite a bit of souvenirs, including Iao Valley map posters and Iao Valley t-shirts. If you are not staying at a hotel in the valley, this is an excellent opportunity to visit some of the villages and shop for the things you need for your trip.

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