All Ages • 2.5 Hours • View, Hear, and Experience Humpback Whales!

  • Adults (18 and up)
  • Children (Ages 6- 17) Must be accompanied by 18+
  • AdultFreeInfants (5 and younger)


2.5 Hours

Available Times

*Available December-April


Every year between December and April, more than 8,000 Humpback whales journey over 3,500 miles to Hawaii where they congregate to breed, calf and nurse their young. Our 2.5 hour Whale Watching Excursion offers you a rare opportunity to view and experience this phenomenon. Our marine life naturalist will astound you with facts about these gentle giants as they play, court and teach their young. You’ll hear singing Humpback whales through our underwater hydrophones, and you may also see Spinner Dolphins, Pilot and Sperm Whales, Manta Rays, Sea Turtles and more.