Imagine yourself surrounded by gentle, graceful manta rays as they swim through the Puerto Rico  Manta Point.

Whether you take a day, overnight, or full-day manta ray snorkel tour to dive with these ancient creatures of the deep, you will have an experience that transcends all sensory stimuli and reaches out to something remote — and innermost intuition we all possess.

Anelakai manta ray night snorkeling adventures take place around a shallow reef that’s famous for its waters teeming with healthy, active mantas of all shapes and sizes. Your expert guide will teach you about these majestic creatures and help keep an eye out for them as we swim through the water, searching for this magical ocean gem. That is, if getting up-close-and-personal feel threatened by one doesn’t spoil the whole experience—an unforgettable adventure for people passionate about wildlife or eager to learn more.

Maintaining our tourist industry is essential, but products should be responsibly made – not with animal cruelty in mind. Aqua Ventures understands this and is proud to offer an array of eco-friendly options such as Eco Tents, so you don’t need your business travel to destroy marine life.

The unhurried grace and sweep of a manta night snorkel adventure are sure to heal even the most significant levels of the taut psyche. Gliding through wave-washed pastures for miles on end, it’s incredible what you can find: A giant sea turtle grazing on one side and on the other, an eel idling in wait with mouth extended.

It’s as if time slows down when you’re flying across the surface. This is why we call them “mantas” — because they take flight at times! And watch how tranquil our guests become after a bit of while underwater! All your worries will disappear into the deep blue water as soon as you meet one of these creatures up close and personal.

The Big Island has some of the most beautiful beaches globally, and you can’t beat an ocean safari. That’s why we’ve put together five unique activities for kids, teenagers, or families that will spell out’ vacation!’ Whale watching is a thrill ride that young tots are sure to love. Watch as humpbacks jump their way through 3/4 mile-long feeding lanes or clown with boats in Kona Bay during winter mating season! If dolphins are more your thing, be sure to check out our dolphin trips departing from Hilo — chances are good that they’ll say hello off on another Tangent adventure tour like stand-up paddleboarding!  

With or without, this ultimate vacation would not be complete if the traveler were to miss out on a chance of capturing one of nature’s most enigmatic creatures. A manta ray is an animal like no other — a creature that lives in some regions for almost half as long as we do, and yet with every sweep of its wing, it opens its peaceful world beneath the waves for us to experience. Behold these gentle giants with only your eyes. Feel them with your heart! No wonder they call night snorkeling around Manta Ray Bay “Dive into Magical Hawaii.”

The Manta Ray night snorkel in Kona, Hawaii, will take you on an adventure with one of the most ancient and beautiful creatures in the ocean. Live out your dream to swim beside a friendly manta ray for 20 minutes or so at night while they feed off plankton. This is an all-inclusive tour package where you’ll sail away from shore in a private boat, head towards any coral reef that has manta rays feeding that evening (we guarantee them), then enjoy a guided snorkeling tour right where the stingrays are swimming!