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Dolphin Excursions – Wild Dolphin Encounter

Oahu Island’s west shore is home to a great number of wild spinner dolphins, and what better way to maximize your visit to the island than to actually have a close encounter with these friendly marine mammals! The wild spinner dolphin is noted not only for its gentleness and amiability, it is also known for being very lively and playful, with its ability to rise high above the water and leap into the air. Come and see this for yourself by booking the Dolphin Excursions – Wild Dolphin Encounter!

Dolphin Star – Wild Dolphin Watch

Oahu, particularly the Wai’anae Coast, is home to a great number of amazing beaches, a true tropical paradise in the beautiful island of Hawaii. It is home to an abundance of marine organisms, too, like the wild dolphins, and, surely, a trip to Oahu Island will be much more memorable if you can get close and know more about these playful creatures.

Dolphin Star – Wild Dolphin Watch, BBQ, and Snorkel

Dolphin Star is one of the well-known tours in Hawaii that guarantees their guests a pleasurable time exploring the island and all the great things it has to offer–the sights, the culture, the people, and even the chow! What’s great about Dolphin Star is that it caters to all kinds of travelers as it offers different package tours depending on the guest’s budget, schedule, and preference. If you’re one of those travelers who wish to go all out and experience Hawaii to its fullest, then Dolphin Star’s Wild Dolphin Watch, BBQ, and Snorkel package is your best bet! 

Dolphins and You – Swim with Wild Dolphins Tour

If you are looking for a package tour that offers a unique opportunity to swim with the dolphins, snorkel and have a glimpse of Hawaii’s stunning underwater views and marine life, and then feast on a sumptuous meal while enjoying Hawaiian performances, then Dolphin and You is the perfect tour for you!

Hang Loose Boat Tours – Wild Dolphin Watch and Snorkel

One of the surf slang terms most of us are familiar with, or at least have heard of, is the phrase, “hang loose”. Since its emergence in the 90’s, “hang loose” has now become part of the Hawaiian informal language, and Hawaiian natives, in fact, even have a hand gesture for it, called the shaka.

Hawaii Nautical – West Oahu Dolphin Snorkel Sail

Scenic water and mountain views, dolphin and other marine life encounters, sumptuous catered meals and buffet lunch, unlimited drinks, the company of well-experienced crew — If this sounds appealing to you, then Hawaii Nautical’s West Oahu Dolphin Snorkel Sail is the perfect package tour to book for your upcoming trip to Hawaii!

Ko Olina Ocean Adventures

If you’re a huge animal lover, or would like to bring out the animal lover in you, then you are sure to enjoy Ko Olina Ocean Adventures’ Oahu Snorkeling and Dolphin Encounter! Here, Oahu’s spinner dolphins, sea turtles, and different tropical fish are the stars of the show, and you, the lucky spectator of this beautiful spectacle.

Makani Catamaran: Friday Night Fireworks Sail

TGI Friday! Make your Friday night extraordinary as you watch the Hawaiian skies light up with a shade of mesmerizing bright-colored sparks after enjoying a sumptuous island-style dinner. All of these happen in a modern boat while sailing on the pristine Pacific waters. Makani Catamaran, one of the finest sailboats in Hawaii, presents the Friday Night Fireworks Sail where you could enjoy 2 hours of adventure-style fine dining, sunset gazing, picture taking, drinking your favorite beverage, and watching spectacular fireworks.