In a tragic update, Maui police have confirmed the identity of three more victims of the devastating Lahaina wildfire disaster. With a total of 115 fatalities already confirmed, authorities have completed 99% of the search area. The search and rescue efforts are expected to conclude soon, followed by further searches as necessary. As grieving families receive notifications, the names of the victims are being publicly released, including those of David Nuesca Jr., Poomaikai Losano, and Carolyn Ono, all from Lahaina. Although 43 individuals have been identified, seven families have yet to be located or notified. The number of unaccounted for individuals continues to fluctuate as the FBI consolidates lists from various sources. With the community reeling from this devastating event, the Maui Police Department requests privacy and understanding to support the grieving families during this challenging time.

Maui police confirm the identity of three more Lahaina wildfire disaster victims

The devastating wildfire that swept through Lahaina in Maui has left a devastating toll, with the Maui police confirming the identity of three more victims. The search and rescue efforts have been ongoing, with significant progress made. The identification of the victims is crucial to provide closure for their families and loved ones. It is important to recognize and support the families affected by this tragedy.

Search and Rescue Efforts

The search and rescue operations have been a top priority for the authorities in Maui. They have been working tirelessly to ensure that all affected areas are thoroughly searched. By Friday evening, 99% of the entire search area had been covered, including both residential and commercial properties. The Urban Search and Rescue portion of Phase Zero was completed on Friday, marking a significant milestone in the recovery efforts. The authorities plan to continue with further searches to ensure that no victim is left unidentified or unaccounted for.

Identification of Victims

The Maui police have been working diligently to identify the victims of the wildfire disaster. Following the notification of next of kin, they have released the names of 43 individuals, including three additional victims identified on Sunday afternoon. The victims identified on Sunday are David Nuesca Jr., 59; Poomaikai Losano, 28; and Carolyn Ono, 73, all residents of Lahaina. It is a heartbreaking task, but crucial in helping the families receive closure and begin their grieving process.

Previously Announced Victims

The authorities had previously announced the names of several victims of the wildfire disaster. These include Pablo Pagdilao III, Coleen Jones, Roxanne Ibara-Hinau, Rogelio Mabalot, George Hall III, Todd Nakamura, Bernard Portabes, Tony Takafua, Salote Tone, Faaoso Tone, Maluifonua Tone, Bette Jo Dyckman, Rebecca Rans, Tau Ponali, Valerie Kauffman, Salvador Coloma, Carlo Tobias, Albert Kitaguchi, Lynn Manibog, Clyde Wakida, Todd Yamafuji, Antonia Molina, Freeman Tam Lung, Theresa Cook, Joseph Schilling, Narciso Baylosis Jr., Vanessa Baylosis, Douglas Gloege, Juan Deleon, Conchita Sagudang, Danilo Sagudang, Rodolfo Rocutan, Jonathan Somaoang, Angelita Vasquez, Donna Gomes, Melva Benjamin, Virginia Dofa, Alfredo Galinato, Robert Dyckman, and Buddy Jantoc. These individuals are also mourned and remembered by the community.

Unidentified Individuals

While progress has been made in identifying the victims, there are still seven individuals whose identities remain unknown. The authorities are actively working to locate their families and notify them. It is vital to ensure that all victims are identified to provide closure for their loved ones.

Number of Unaccounted For

The number of unaccounted for individuals has fluctuated throughout the recovery process. The FBI has been compiling lists from various sources to create an accurate record. Initially, there were reports of between 1,000 and 1,100 individuals unaccounted for. However, as more information became available, the number was narrowed down to 388 individuals. This process involved utilizing specific criteria and human sources to validate the information. As the search and identification efforts continue, it is hoped that all those unaccounted for will be located and identified.

Support for the Families

In the face of such tragedy, it is essential to offer support and condolences to the families affected. The County of Maui and the Maui Police Department express their heartfelt condolences to the families, friends, and the community at large. They understand the immense pain and grief that the families are going through and are committed to handling the situation with sensitivity and respect.

Recognizing the need for privacy during this difficult time, the authorities request that the media and the public respect the privacy of the grieving families. They are working closely with the families to ensure they receive updates and support throughout the process. The community’s support and understanding during this challenging time is greatly appreciated.

The devastating Lahaina wildfire disaster has claimed many lives and left a lasting impact on the community. It is through the tireless efforts of the search and rescue teams and the commitment of the authorities that progress is being made in identifying and accounting for the victims. As the recovery process continues, it is important to remember and support the families affected. Let us join together as a community and provide comfort and assistance to those in need.