From the most traditional to modern, Maui Hands is a veritable voyage of discovery with local artwork. You can find anything from traditional Polynesian crafts to more contemporary art pieces in every conceivable medium and style right on your doorstep! From hand carved tikis or intricately woven baskets made by master weavers, there is something for everyone here at this one-stop shop where you are guaranteed not just any piece but only original work created by 300 artists that makes it worth coming back again and again.

The impeccable gallery space is a pleasant place to visit, full of interesting and eclectic pieces in every price range. Fine art can be found alongside prints as well as photography; woodwork is displayed next to ceramic sculptures with blown glass by the window while over on the other side you’ll find furniture that will make your heart skip a beat! The large selection of jewelry ranges from fine creations costing hundreds or thousands of dollars down to casual mementos at prices anyone’s budget could handle.

Story of Maui Hands

Maui Hands represents Hawaii’s finest artists and artisans. In 1992, they opened their doors to the public with just 25 talented makers in The Courtyard of Makawao. For seven years straight, the Queen Ka’ahumanu Center awarded their gallery for “Highest Sales Per Square Foot” in its category. The second time they opened a location at this shopping center was November 1994 and has continued to win that award every year since then.

In April 2,000 Maui Hands moved into their third location in Paia, Hawaii’s North Shore. The new space allowed for more displays of Maui art and increased foot traffic to the store.

In December 2002, Maui Hands was invited to show their work at the prestigious Hyatt Regency in Ka’anapali. This opened up a spot for other artists who were on the waitlist and allowed them to showcase their artwork too!

When Maui Hands opened on the popular Lahaina Town which is on Front Street last September 2004, after Paia, it became the second busiest gallery out of four Maui Hands galleries.

After a successful launch in 2011, the Makawao location of The Maui Hands Gallery welcomed new visitors to their larger space on Makawao Avenue this year. This artist-owned and operated gallery showcases handcrafted pieces from around Hawai’i including woodwork, ceramics, plant fibers as well as fine furnishings for your home or office needs.

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