Teams are generally 5-8 players per team.


The game is not bookable online
Although it shows as 1 PM each day, that is just a holding time for the calendar. The start time can be adjusted to meet your needs for any time between 8 AM and 4:30 PM on any day of the week.


The Scaventour King’s Battle on Fort Street Mall is a team competition, putting up to 5 teams against each other in an escape challenge game to determine the winning team. The game consists of 5 ten minute periods where teams go to a different zone and must solve 5 puzzles. They earn points on a progressive scale for solving the puzzles and also can receive points for finishing early. When a team solves all of the puzzles, they also earn a power card that will help them in the next round. Some power cards are rewards and some allow the team to sabotage another team (by stealing hints or time). This game requires teamwork, communication, strategy, and wit to achieve victory.

This game is good for corporate team building or a competition between friends. With the location in the heart of downtown, it is easy for companies to take 2 hours out of their morning or afternoon to let the team bond outdoors, working together to solve some problems.

The game is not bookable online … you should call so we can set it up for you. Although it shows as 1 PM each day, the start time can be adjusted to meet your needs.

What is Scaventour?

It’s has the heart of an escape room game, but since it is outdoors it will feel like a treasure hunt, scavenger hunt, Amazing Race, Da Vinci Code, National Treasure, or Geocaching. It is outdoor walking exercise in beautiful Waikiki.