Just a quick search on the Internet would reveal that Oahu is home to extraordinarily beautiful beaches and waters, and, consequently, a variety of water activities, too!

 While hanging out on the shore is awesome, going on an ocean adventure is certainly a great way to explore and connect with nature and to level up your overall experience in Oahu. If you plan on booking a tour operator that unfortunately does not have the complete beach equipment, or if you do not plan on booking a tour operator altogether and just want to customize your own adventure, Active Oahu Tours has you covered! No need to worry about your beach gear, as Active Oahu Tours offers Beach Gear Rental services!

Active Oahu Tours is the brainchild of Michael Gulden, who established the company in 2013 with the mission to share the fun and beauty of Oahu in a relaxed and more personalized way. One of Active Oahu Tours’ services is the Beach Gear Rentals, perfect for those who prefer to go on an adventure without a guide but need some beach equipment rented. 

What’s great about Active Oahu Tours’ Beach Gear Rentals is that whatever you wish to have rented, Active Oahu Tours will deliver right to your doorstep! Truly a convenient option for those who are itching to go immediately on a personalized adventure — just book, wait for the delivery, and go!

Some of the most sought-after beach equipment that customers book from Active Oahu Tours’ Beach Gear Rentals are the tandem kayak and stand-up paddle board. Yes, you read that right — regardless of the equipment size, Active Oahu Tours will deliver right to your vacation rental address or preferred beach location! The tandem kayak is a fun activity to try with your companion, which allows you to go out to Mokoli’i, or even down the rainforest river in Kahana Valley and explore the mountains of the Ko’oloau Mountain Range. You can also travel to these Oahu hidden gems with a stand-up paddle board! The stand-up paddle board is another popular equipment for rent, as it is another fun and unique way to ride the ripples and waves of the waters of the island. If these beach equipment are something you would want to try out, do not hassle yourself with looking for a place to rent the gear and with lugging around such a bulky and heavy equipment because Active Oahu Tours’ Beach Gear Rentals will conveniently bring your chosen gear straight to you!

 For those who opt to have a relaxing day on the shore, Active Oahu Tours’ Beach Gear Rentals can also make things more comfortable for you with their beach chairs, beach umbrellas, and coolers for rent. With these beach gear, you can pleasantly laze around on the beach, enjoy the sights and the beautiful Hawaiian breeze, as you sip on cold refreshing drinks straight from your cooler. Again, as Active Oahu Tours’ Beach Gear Rentals delivers everything to your preferred location, you will not have to tire yourself with carrying around all these heavy beach gear! 

 Other equipment available for rent are boogie boards, beginner surfboards, and dry bags. Active Oahu Tours’ Beach Gear Rentals have these boards available for rent so that you can try riding the waves, as many locals do and many ancient Hawaiians have done. Riding the waves is truly an exciting water activity that gives absolute exhilaration, and if this is something you can confidently try out without a guide or surf instructor, go and just rent your gear through Active Oahu Tours’ Beach Gear Rentals! The dry bags, on the other hand, are not really a recreational equipment but a necessary equipment nonetheless, as they keep your non-waterproof items, such as your cellular phones, tablets, bills, and such other things dry and protected from damage. These dry bags float, too, so if you accidentally drop them while having fun on the water, you won’t have to worry about losing all your necessities kept inside. Whether you will go on an exciting ocean adventure or just lounge about on the beach, a dry bag is a perfect companion, which you can easily rent from Active Oahu Tours’ Beach Gear Rentals!

 Aside from these mentioned equipment, Active Oahu Tours’ Beach Gear Rentals has other beach gear available for your usage! What’s great about Active Oahu Tours’ Beach Gear Rentals is that it offers multiple day rentals for their equipment. Thus, you can keep your chosen gear and use them for your enjoyment for days! 

 With its gear, services, and reasonable prices, you can never go wrong with renting your beach equipment through Active Oahu Tours. Hurry and reserve your gear now before they’re all booked!